Going Mobile…learning is shifting in our own hand

19 09 2010

Have you noticed the recent craze on mobile learning? While recently looking at my blog and Twitter analytics, I’ve noticed 90% of my traffic is going toward any posts related to the topic. For example, today I posted a list of resources from the IT Forum on mobile learning, and had over 14 retweets within an hour (a lot for me–normally I’ll get one or two on a good day).

If you’re interested in mobile learning, here are some resources to get you started on your path of inquiry:

1. Mobile Learning SIG at SITE: born this past spring, the mobile learning SIG supports those involved in teacher education.

2. IT Forum list of Mobile Learning resources: very extensive list, a lot of information organized into helpful categories.

3. Using Mobile Technologies in the Classroom: 10 Easy Tips to Get Started: Barbara Schroeder’s blog entry

4. Grad course syllabus, Mobile Learning: Devices, Application, Pedagogy: course taught this past summer by our very own Schroeder & Haskell

5. ACU Connected: the innovative mobile learning initiative at Abilene Christian University

6. Pew mobile research reports: Trends in mobile use among teens and adults, mobile learning, apps use, etc.

Any other good resources to add to the list?

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